The Science behind Azalea


Ms. Azalea was created by a team of scientists based out of Area 51. She was created not as a robot, but as a manmade creation of DNA. As she grew up she moved from place to place. This was no coincidence. This was due to the fact that as she grew older more problems occured with her “hardware” and the team of scientists were trying to find a solution to correct the problems, but until they did they didnt want anyone else to catch on. When she became famous, that created a whole new set of complications. So the scientists messed with her composition to make her blurt out racial and discriminating slurs in hopes her popularity would go down, they also messed with her speech (showed in the above video). As of now Ms. Azalea is not really talked about, nor has she been heard or seen. Im assuming it was time for her to start moving from place to place again, because now her secret is out.


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